What is it?  Simple Inventory Creation with Policyholder Portal, exclusive to RScontents Contents Valuation Software developed with the Latest Technology Extreme customization for Complete Claim Management.

RScontents solution enables adjuster, policyholder, and vendors to communicate in one environment, resulting in quick, concise results with minimal effort.  It has three parts:

1. Policyholder Portal – Reducing stress and increasing overall policyholder satisfaction

  • Create contents inventory, room-by-room, in a secure, user-friendly portal
  • View replacement options and full detailed valuation report
  • 24/7 access to claim, allowing policyholder to be fully informed through each step of claim

2. Adjuster Portal – In seconds, RScontents takes what was once a tedious, complicated task and makes it both easy and accurate

  • Upon submission of the contents inventory from the policyholder, our system automatically searches items available in the market, eliminating line-by-line search
  • Built-in intelligence learns from adjusters prior selection patterns for comparables and recommends the best replacement option
  • The results pane offers numerous customizable options for your specific claim needs

3. Vendor Portal – Complete claim management within one seamlessly integrated system

  • Create lists of approved vendors for claims assignments
  • Send special appraisal requests
  • Calendar events and track completed tasks